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Wheel Repairs in Oakland Park

At Supa Mags Wheel Repairs in Oakland Park, we’re the best at what we do—and we want to prove it!

Since 1996,

our specialties have included powder coating and machine rims, in addition to

Aluminum Wheel Repair

Welding Mag Rims

Removing Dents, Buckles

Polishing Rim

Balancing Wheels

   Common Wheel Issues

1 - Rust and Corrosion

Other than body panels, corrosion is most observable on wheels. Rust is an issue that all car owners deal with, and one that is often considered unimportant. The trouble is, when untreated, rust and corrosion on your wheel can have serious long-term effects that are difficult to combat. Don’t wait for a serious problem to develop and spread to your frame and suspension. Supa Mags Wheel Repairs will get the rust out for you!

2 - Cracked Rim

Understanding how to repair a cracked rim and possessing the experience to do it properly aren’t always one and the same thing. Repairing a cracked rim is a task that is best left to proven auto care professionals, like the ones at Supa Mags Wheel Repairs here in Oakland Park. After all, what good is the repair to your wheel if it fails to spin straight, round, and true?

3 - Bent Wheel

When you’re debating between replacing and repairing, the question often arises, how bent is too bent? If you’re driving on a bent wheel and can detect vibrations or wobbling, then it’s more than likely time to take it in to a professional. If your wheel can be repaired, the team at Supa Mags are the pros for the job. If it needs to be replaced, rest assured, our prices are fair and straightforward. 

4 - Gouges

Aluminum wheels are inexpensive. Unfortunately, they gouge more easily than chrome or steel. More often than not, you can replace gouges without having to replace your wheel. Gouges happen to the best of us, though, so don’t feel bad if you get too close to the curb and the cement takes a bite out of your wheel. Supa Mags Wheel Repairs can have you fixed up right away! 

The team here at Supa Mags Wheel Repairs lives up to its reviews. We’re big enough to serve a wide variety of needs, but we’re still small enough to care. Because we value your business, we’ve reduced our prices: special prices for special customers.

Amazing work and great prices and customer service! Thank you!

Lou Sanus Lou Sanus ★★★★★

Great service very nice and efficient I was referred by Oakland tire and they seen me immediately had my Rim ready in2 hours and inexpensive you!

BrandyQueenBee Griffith ★★★★★

Owners were very nice everyone will have a bad experience every now and then I didn’t they saved me a lot of money an they went above and beyond it’s the small details that matter and they had all of that great job I’m not riding on a donut any more an I can’t even tell my oem rim was dented

Ian titus ★★★★★

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